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This I declare about the Lord: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; He is my God, and I trust him. - Psalm 91:2 NLT

------ #YouNeverWalkAlone ------

NewLife, born from a place we all found ourselves in: whether we are widowed, divorced, or never married. A place where we felt overwhelmed, scared, and felt alone. We did not choose this season in life, but yet here we are.

------ #LoveJesusLovePeople ------

NewLife, founded on a principle that we all want a place to belong, where we don’t feel alone, and we feel valued with a sense of purpose. A safe place to live our lives, where we can find friends and have fun. A place to lean on each other in tough times, a family of Christian Singles.

------ #ComeAsYouAre ------

We formed our culture to build a community that feels like family, where we are accepted in spite of our flaws. Where we respect and support each other in our daily lives.

Not just a group, a community!

First, we discussed the group's culture. It is what would guide all the decisions and ideas going forward. We believed it was imperative to base the foundation of NewLife on a defined culture. Our group's culture is the foundation of NewLife.

Our culture is: NewLife fosters a culture of mutual respect and acceptance among our members.


Out of our work, came the name "NewLife". The name speaks to our journey in creating a new life, out of the ashes and from our present circumstances. It's a place to go, a community to build, with fun activities, beautiful places, and smiling faces. It's a journey we take together, imperfectly but respectfully. It's our "NewLife".

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